Paws In Action is owned and operated by Yaroz A. Coley who personally, with the help of her husband Chris provide all of the pet care services. Raised in Los Angeles, Yaroz has had a life long love for animals.  As a child she grew up around all types of pets fish, dogs, lizards and a special cat named Garfield.  This is where she discovered her life long dream to take care of animals and help people keep their loved ones safe.
Over the years her love for animals has turned into a fun and succesful business that has allowed her to get paid to do what she loves.  

Chris an Yaroz make an outstanding team - they understand the need of having someone loyal and responsible, as they are pet owners themselves. As co-owner of Paws In Action, Chris has been working side-by-side with Yaroz in pet sitting and dog walking services for the past 3 years. Chris has owned and been around dogs all his life, from his Irish Setters, to Cocker Spaniels, to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to his Airedale Terrier. Chris Coley was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and lived in Albuquerque, NM for 2 years.  Chris ' dedication to helping others is most apparent in his career as a Realtor/Broker. Chris has over 10 years of real estate buying, selling, building, and investing experience. With this experience, Chris has turned many of these real estate clients into pet sitting clients as well. To visit his website:              

Their best reward is having you be a satisfied client and that your pet(s) are cared for. If you have a vacation, business trip, and need someone to take care of your pets they would be the ideal person to get in touch with. You can be assured that your loved ones are being taken care of so you can truly relax and enjoy your trip. 

"We treat every pet as it were our own and we keep our clients satisfied.”