Paws In Action​​

We treat every pet as it were our ow​n

Meet and Greet

We recommend calling us as earlier as possible to arrange for your "FREE," Meet and Greet Meeting, so we can meet you and your pets.  At this meeting we'll get to know your pets and establish the routine you'd like us to follow for the pet sits. We recommend you also have the following available for this meeting:

  • Extra House Key (if one is to be provided)
  • Key Code to Security Gates / Home Security Systems
  • Contact Information (Cell Phones, Emergency Numbers)
  • Trip Itinerary (if applicable)
  • Medication Instructions
  • Vet Information
  • Forms Filled out 
Please note, that our initial client consultation is complimentary and each additional consultation (if requested) is $10-$15 depending on time required. 
Key Return PolicyYou must schedule a day and time for returning house keys or schedule a return key during our meet and greet meeting to avoid fee: $25.00 for round trip or $10 for one way trip, $ 5.00 fee during the holidays.

Dog Walks

Paws In Action is here for you!!! 
Our ideal dog walks can benefit your needs.  If you are crate-training your puppies, and you are busy at work we are here for you.  We also have daily dog walks to accommodate busy schedules. During our walks we make sure we exercise your pups.  This also works best for older dogs, young dogs or even energetic dogs that need that exercise while you're away. 
 20-min Quick Stop
Emergency runs by a walk, fresh water and food (if requested) $20

30-min Break
When it's time to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and exercise, and get down to “business”.

Full-Hour Stroll
A morning or afternoon stroll at your dog’s pace. This is an excellent choice for crated dogs, puppies or athletic dogs with energy to burn or for elderly dogs who need more time to enjoy their daily “constitutional”.

Pet Transportation / Vet visits 
One way - $20.00  Roundtrip - $27.00

Pet Sitting 

​We can sit your pet in the comfort of your home for 30 mins to an hour, or a few, depending on your needs. Each pet sitting experience is customized for your pet's activity level. No more leaving your pets at an uncomfortable place, they can stay at your house. During our visitations, we offer feeding, walks or play-time, cleanup (litter boxes or yard/kennels). We of course bring in your mail, newspaper or any packages we see outside of your home. Take out and bring in trash bins, we can evern rotate lights and open or close blinds.  We fully customizable to your needs.
Pet Visitations: $20 and up 

Overnight Sitting 

Care and comfort matter to us as much as it matters to you and your pets. When you’re away, we don’t want you to have the slightest worry, that is why we love your fur babies the way you do! Also, since your pets are part of our family, we offer to stay with your pets all day and of course stay all night with them.  We don't leave unattendent pets for more than 4hrs per day (or less if requested). We also offer dog walks for an additional $10 per dog walk.
Overnight: (Full day and Night) $50 and up
**Please call us for more information**

​​Payments accepted: PayPal, Venmo, Google Wallet and Checks.  It is industry standard for payment prior to service, no exceptions. Walkers/Sitters are permitted to accept cash tips.  
​​24-hour Cancellation Policy
We aim to provide you with outstanding service and pride ourself on the exceptional care given to your animal(s).  If you should cancel your reservation less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, we not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who may have taken your scheduled reservation time.  For this reason we ask to be compensated to make up for lost revenue.

The full service fee will be charged to you for missed reservations that are rescheduled or canceled less then 24 hours notice.

*Holiday rates, as well as last minute/emergency (within 48 hours) rates may be higher.